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      I would like to thank you and the members of your committee for inviting me to judge your Spaniel Hunt Tests last Saturday.  There were several reasons why  I enjoyed myself immensely.  I have helped other clubs in the past put on Spaniel Hunt Tests as I hope I have helped BBKI.  The difference is that when I come down to judge for you I don't have any worries about the conduct of the test.  The ease and efficiency with which you run the tests continues to amaze me and I learn something new each time.  I know a thirty dog test is simple compared to the tests you are used to running, but I also know that for any test to be a success takes attention to all the details and the combined effort of many club members.  I also enjoyed judging with Rick and Mario.  I was comfortable with the fact that, although I may try not to be overbearing, if I was neither Rick or Mario would let me get away with it.  I believe that both felt, as I do, that if there is a question about some aspect of the dog's performance that the benefit of the doubt always goes to the dog.  And finally, as always, I enjoyed the hospitality you have always shown me.

Thanks again,
Steve Roth

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